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Node.js, Express, MongoDB, LinkedIn API, Google Maps API, Google Places API

A complete refactor of LinkedInConnect

Car Savior

NGI SDK by GM, Detroit.gov Crime Open Data, Google Maps API

A suite of tools for GM's NextGen Infotainment to keep you, your family, and your car out of harm's way

Perfect Posture

Swift, Apple Scripts, TI Launchpad's language, and Javascript

Wearable technology that shuts off computer screen when user is slouching

LinkedIn Connect

Python and JS

Web application to make LinkedIn useful if you're finding a job

Whirlpool Real Time Sports Display on Dryers

Python, Web Scraping ESPN with BeautifulSoup

Whirlpool Real Time Sports Display on Dryer


Python, Web Scraping ESPN with BeautifulSoup, Crontab Scheduling

Script that tweets every San Antonio Spurs game if Davis Bertans played or not


PHP, Canvas, and Facebook's Graph API

Political filter overlay for Facebook profile picture


Python, Web Scraping, Twilio API

SpartyNomNom allows you to type in your favorite meals at MSU and you'll receive a text everyday of what cafe's have them.


HTML, CSS, Walmart and Capital One's API, and Client Side Javascript

First Digital Physical Cart to help you jump the lines

Hong Kong Investment Platform


Investment platform project built for the COMP3111 course at HKUST

Autonomous Lawnmow Modeling

Java and Java GUI

Models the path a lawnmower would take in the Java GUI if given the outline and spits out the directions

Personal Website

LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP) for the core, Javascript, and Less

First website built from scratch

Work Experience

Web Developer Intern at Michigan State University

  • Implementing a new responsively designed new look to Legume Innovation Labs website.
  • Used extensive CSS and HTML to build legumelabs.msu.edu(still in development)
  • Learned how to build the developmental template to match the mockup and how to use a content management system(ExpressionEngine).
  • Updated the website to be fully responsively designed and meet accessibility standards

Software Engineer Intern at Techsmith Corporation

  • Helped stabilize scrolling captures and increased scrolling related speeds by 100x
  • Developed UI changes and worked with UX designer to create a better experience
  • Built alternative scrolling and fallback methods and fixed broken methods
  • Gained experience in developer tools and using teleop to communicate between C# and C++

About Me

When people ask what my goal is in life, I tell them it's to make things more efficient. Whether that's through hacking a scraper to automate something reptitive or changing how a system works through design choices or entrepreneurship, I'm always looking to make the world better.

Some of my favorite things to do are swing dance, snowboard, and travel

Contact Me!

Josh Benner
Email: bennerster@gmail.com
Phone: 616-238-3511